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Your first line of defence against fire, odour, grease build-up, and smoke.

Franke Cascade Hood Filters capture more grease than standard filters, reduce grease damage to fans and roof, have lower static pressure than other comparable filters and have little impact on existing fan and hood performance.

Franke Cascade Filters Franke Cascade Filter Certifications


  • Fire - NFPA certified fire guard
  • Odour - reduces odour
  • Grease - removes over 80% of grease
  • Smoke - reduces smoke

High Performance

  • 270% more efficient than standard baffle filters (at 8 microns capture)
  • Removes 33% more grease than standard grease filters in field test
  • Reduces grease build-up in ducts and fans
  • Less grease build-up on your roof
  • Reduces fan and roof maintenance
  • Lowers annual duct cleaning bills.

Simple Retrofit

  • Available in most standard sizes
  • Replaces standard 2" deep filters

Easy to Maintain

  • Only require once-a-day cleaning
  • Remove quickly for easy crew cleaning
  • Two piece hinged design opens easily without tools
  • Can be cleaned in sink or dishwasher with standard cleaners.


  • Reduces air pollution and odours
  • Increases grease collection for recycling
  • Reduces use of caustic cleaning chemicals
  • Fewer duct cleansings save energy and water.

Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) work by ionising and trapping grease and smoke particles onto collector plates. They have a high particulate removal efficiency, removing sub-micron particles as much as 99.5%. Exhaust air flows through two sets of ioniser cells and collector plates to ensure maximum efficiency.

Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Existing fans do not need to be upgraded
  • Four stage filtering/cleansing system for maximum efficiency
  • Cleans polluted air from kitchen exhausts, welding, soldering, diesel smoke, and more.

Four Stage Filtration:

  • Stage 1 - Media pre-filter, designed to arrest small particulate (Grade EU4)
  • Stage 2 - Ionising sub-micron particulate such as smoke, grease particles, oil etc
  • Stage 3 - Electrostatic collector plates trap sub-micron particles
  • Stage 4 - Aluminium post filter
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