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Reduce Odour with our Controlled Ozone Systems

Controlled Ozone


  • Destroys odours quickly and efficiently
  • Breaks down grease particulate
  • Reduces the use of chemicals in cleaning
  • Converts odours into oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour
  • Easily controlled for environmental safety

Controlled Ozone products are the first fully controllable, energy efficient, control units available for reducing kitchen odours, and they are well placed to comply with any future ozone output monitoring requirements that may be introduced.

Via their integrated smart control system, these units are able to react to the air volume being drawn out of the kitchen through the duct work and the ozone emission levels by monitoring discharge levels from the kitchen extraction system. This means that they only produce the level of ozone required for that air volume, and are not simply "on or off" like the rest of the current offerings in the market, they only use the energy actually required at all times.

The Controlled Ozone Units inject ozone directly into the kitchen extraction system where it reacts with odours and oxidises them in a chemical reaction, resulting in the production of carbon dioxide and water vapour. The ozone itself is consumed during the process by way of conversion into oxygen.


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